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AirScape - Installation

DIY Installation: Kohilo 2.8 Overview

Tools and supplies required

Tools required

  • Screw driver
  • Key hole or reciprocating saw
  • Pliers

Supplies required

  • Lumber
  • High quality caulk
  • Grounded electrical cable, on/off switch, and wall switch mounting box


  • Read the manual
  • Installation video coming soon!

Cut out and frame the rough opening

Step 1:

  • Frame a 22.5" by 26.5" box using existing attic joists
  • Cut out the drywall
  • Please see the instruction manual for 16 on center framing

      Install the transition plate

      Step 2:

      • Lay down a bead of latex caulk on top of the joists that create the framed box
      • Position the transition plate on top of the framed opening
      • Using the 8 provided wood screws, secure the transition plate to the joists at 8 of the 16 pre-drilled holes

          Install the backdraft damper

          Step 3:

          • Position the backdraft damper over the transition plate collar so that the damper doors are in the closed position
          • Secure the backdraft damper to the transition plate using 4 of the 12 provided self-tapping sheet metal screws (no pre-drilling is required)

              Hang the fan

              Step 4:

              • Attach 4 S-hooks to 4 D-hooks on the fan using the provided S-hooks
              • Use 4 lengths of provided chain to hang the fan from the attic rafters
              • Make sure the fan is as level as possible and that each chain supports the weight of the fan
              • Close all of the S-hooks
              • Tape over unused S-hooks to prevent rattling

                  Attach the acoustical insulated ductwork

                  Step 5:

                  • Attach one end of the ductwork to the backdraft damper using 4 of the provided self-tapping sheet metal screws
                  • Gently bend the ductwork 90 degrees and attach to the fan using the provided sheet metal screws
                  • Be sure to maintain the 20" diameter of the ductwork throughout the bend
                  • Use 3 lengths of the provided duct tape to seal the joints between the transition plate and the backdraft damper, the ductwork and the backdraft damper, and the fan and the ductwork

                      Install the grille

                      Step 6:

                      • Caulk all framing joints
                      • Caulk the seam between the framing and the transition plate
                      • Secure the grille with the provided screws

                          Installation wiring

                          Step 7:

                          • Confirm the breaker supplying power to the fan is in the OFF position and verify there is no power
                          • Install the wall switch (customer supplied) in a convenienct location and run 115 VAC power to the switch
                          • Run switched power from your wall switch to the fan
                          • Make power connections at the fan per the installation manual

                              Start up and operation

                              Final steps:

                              • Confirm all wiring connections
                              • Remove any tools or debris from the work area
                              • Verify that the wall switch is in the off position
                              • Turn on the circuit breaker to power the fan

                              Test Operation:

                              • Turn the unit on
                              • The fan will turn on and backdraft damper will open
                              • Turn the unit off
                              • The fan will turn off and the backdraft damper will close

                                Kohilo 2.8 Installation Overview