DMP Historical Data Monitoring Package

What is it?

The data monitoring package (DMP) is a feature available for AirScape whole house fans produced after July of 2013. If you would like to retrofit the DMP onto an older whole house fan please give us a call as it may be possible depending on the model and vintage.

This package of extra sensors and software allows whole house fan owners to view room, outside, and attic temperatures as well as the current status and cooling capacity data. This historical data is saved on AirScape servers and is available by secure login to authorized users.

How does the data gathering happen?

Airscape data gathering

If you have purchased the DMP package, and with your permission, the WHF controller sends status information and temperature readings to our servers through the Internet. This data is transmitted every few minutes. When you log into the historical data page you get to view this data. The WHF controller must be connected to a network (your house network through DHCP) that is in turn connected to the Internet.

To view your list of DMP enabled whole house fans just log into the website and go to your Account page. If you have any concerns about our data or access policies, please read the Privacy Policy.



The DMP package adds room, outdoor and attic temperature sensors.

Airscape DMP sensors

The room (space) temperature sensor is attached to the hardwired switch that controls the whole house fan. The outdoor temperature sensor is mounted in a robust PVC cap style enclosure and is typically installed on the north side of the house away from direct sunlight. In keeping with our plug and play installation philosophy, the temperature sensors are connected via Cat5e ethernet cables which are included with the DMP package.


The DMP historical data page

Below is a screenshot of the DMP historical data page.

Airscape DMP screenshot


There are 3 round dial gauges and 3 vertical temperature gauges near the top of the page. The 3 temperature gauges display the last recorded room, attic and outdoor temperatures. The round gauges dispaly the last recorded airflow, speed, power usage of the WHF and the calculated cooling power.

Just below the round gauges is a status table that gives you controller data such as the fan model, local electrical cost, last upload date and time, MAC address, time zone, and IP address info. A historical data page would not be complete without graphs! The 2 graphs at the bottom of the page display the 3 recorded temperatures (Room, Attic and Outdoor) in addition to the fan speed status.

You can also download the historical whole house fan data to your computer by clicking the DOWNLOAD icon under the temperature graphics. The data is downloaded in "CSV" format which can easily be imported into Excel or other spreadsheet programs.


Can I still access the WHF through my smartphone/tablet?

Airscape network control

Yes, absolutely!

One of the coolest features of the 2nd Gen Controls is the WHF accessibility over your home network.

That means you can control your whole house fan or view its status from your desktop computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. It just has to be connected to the same home network that the WHF is plugged into.

Don't forget that the 2nd Gen Controls also come with a hardwired switch and an optional wireless remote control so you have a full range of control choices.



Want to see more?

Airscape dmp demo

Check out the DMP DEMO PAGE.

We currently have live demo sites located in

- San Jose (CA),
- Ashland (OR), and
- Medford sites (OR)