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JRP Design and Remodel is an experienced installer of AirScape Whole House Fans offering installation and service in the Westlake Village, CA area. Providing our customers with quality products and excellent service is very important to us. We have had great success in California with the installation and use of AirScape whole house fans.We have personally had the most experience and success with the installation of the 2.5e WHF in our region.

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  • E.T. on 01/10/2012: JRP Design and Remodel of Thousand Oaks, Calif., installed our AirScape whole house fan a few months ago. Their work was thoroughly professional; they left no ceiling marks and positioned the fan in the best place to maximize air flow. The AirScape fan is one of the best purchases we've made. Previously, our second floor was a hothouse in the summer; having an open plan layout, heat rises to the upper floor and makes being up there almost impossible; even after the sun sets on summer days it would take until the middle of the night to cool down. JRP recommended we install a whole house fan and suggested that AirScape was one of the quietest. Now, once the outside temperature drops into the low 70s, we turn on the AirScape and cool air comes in immediately. With a rare exception, we have never had to run the A/C at night, and during the day, the second floor is about five degrees cooler than before, even in the daytime. And at the slower speed, there is almost no sound from the fan.