Retrofit  Remote Kits and Additional Transmitters

Retrofit Remote Kits and Additional Transmitters

  • Handy tabletop remote transmitter(TT-TRANS-V1)

  • Wall mounted remote transmitter (TW-TRANS-V1)

  • Full fan speed range (High/Low for 2 speed units).

  • Convenient timer function to a maximum of 12 hours

  • Have multiple remotes throughout the house

  • Robust, reliable wireless technology - battery operated


Note the controls on this page can only be used on the GEN 2 controls and older units.  They cannot be used on the Digital Touch Controller.


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RC-KIT-V1 Wireless Remote Kit Includes remote transmitter (TT-TRANS-V1) and wireless receiver (RC-REC-V1). For use with AirScape Whole House Fans only. Full speed range and timer function. Battery operated. Battery included. Compatible units produced after 7/13 and with 2nd generation controls package. NOT compatible with "Kohilo" model whole house fans or fans without 2nd gen control capability. 1 Day. In Stock $59.00
RCR-KIT-V1 Wireless Remote Kit Includes remote transmitter (TT-TRANS-V1) and wireless receiver (RCR-REC-V1). For use with AirScape Whole House Fans only, manufactured prior to 7/2013. High and low speed and timer function. Battery operated. Battery included. NOT compatible with std wall switch, 2nd generation control package or with "Kohilo" model whole house fans. 1 Day. In Stock $79.00
TT-TRANS-V1 Additional Wireless Transmitter for use with either the 2nd Generation Controls Package or the RCR-KIT-V1. REMOTE ONLY (no receiver). Multi or high/low speed and timer function. Battery operated (included). 1 Day. In Stock $25.00
TW-TRANS-V1 Additional wireless WALL MOUNTED transmitter for use with either the 2nd Generation Controls Package or the RCR-KIT-V1. REMOTE ONLY (no receiver). Multi or high/low speed and timer function. Battery operated (included). Low voltage mounting bracket included. **RF signal may be affected by household electrical wiring and other electronics in some installations** 1 Day. In Stock $25.00
2 Speed Wall Switch Decora style 2-spd wall switch, plate and screws. Valid on all units up to V4, built prior to 7/13. 1 Day. In Stock $10.00
93506 MARKTIME 93000 series commercial grade timer. 125/250 Volts, 20/10 Amps, 7 Amps Tungsten, 60 Hz, 1 HP. 310 degree wind. SPST switch. CFL ready. Not to be used with fluorescent lamp ballasts. Package includes both white and ivory knobs and decorator dials. Wall plates not included. 12 hour max wind period. (Not compatible with 3.5e/4.4e WHFs purchased after 9/1/12) 1 Day. In Stock $17.00
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Your Comments
“Design of the product for sealing and the ease of installation is outstanding. The whole house cooling works fantastic and most peope don't realize the benefits of cooling your house off before going to bed at night in the heat of summer. Great product.”
“It worked perfectly. Our house get cool quickly and it really makes a huge difference.”
“This fan has been an excellent addition to our household. We like how quiet it is. It is great for cooling the house, and for eliminating odors when needed. ”
“Your product has really made summer in the Northwest more enjoyable! We don't have enough hot days to justify A/C, but regular fans just don't cut it when temperatures go up and the winds die down. Thank you!!!”
“Living in the Seattle area, our house is without traditional A/C. During the heat wave during the summer of-2009 we quickly ordered on. It was delivered within 2 days and installed in 4 hours. The unit dropped our house 12 degrees every night. Our house thermomemter registered the interior temp at 90 at the its hottest and the fan dropped the temp to 76. The fana ability to run at quietly is a big plus as it is installed in our hallway near bedrooms.”
“Bought 1.0 fan system for my non air conditioned garage, that has a 7ft garage door and a 14ft ceiling. In the summer the heat would be traped in the garage, very hot. Since I installed your 1.0 fan, it's much more pleasant to work in. Excellant product, thank you. Randy Jones”
“What I love about the AirScape Fan is it is not loud, but very efficient for ventillation. My house is not designed for forced air conditioning,(all air returns are on the lower level) and it would have cost me 5 times to install it even if the house could accomodate it. With the AirScape Fan, I my house can 'breathe' in the summertime, and it stays much cooler, plus, if I burn a cake, it can suck out the burn smell in no time! :)”
“The fan made such an amazing difference. We live in a relatively moderate climate and are using the fan year around. In the summer we run it at night to cool off the house and in the winter we run it during the day to heat up the house. It has made a HUGE difference in the comfort of the house. Not to mention the drop in utility bills. Our only regret is that we waited so long to purchase.”
“Only thing I can think of is that I only found out about this product from my brother in law and then I looked into it and bought one. Then a friend of mine in San Diego complained about his house not having insulation or air conditioning and so I told him about the AirScape. He and I both had not heard of it except through word of mouth. And just about everyone I tell about my whole house fan thinks I mean an attic fan. So it seems there is overall ignorance about your product. We love it and recommend it all the time. We have noticed energy savings and overall better airflow and comfort duri ... ”
“Works great, evacuates the hot air traped throughout the day wihin 30 to45 min and drops the oveall temperatures with little use of electricity. Thanks!!”
“We're very impressed with the difference the fan has made. It's very well-built and quiet. Superior design and construction of the AirScape unit / kit was the deciding factor. ”
“I would like to see a quick release ceiling grill so it can be easily removed for cleaning. Similar grills are used for central air vents and can be removed without tools in seconds to be hosed off. The Airscape grill gets dirty quickly and must be vacuumed and/or brushed to clean. Removing the current grill is too inconvenient for routine cleaning. For security, I am not comfortable leaving windows open as we sleep. I would like to see you provide links to "intake vent" or window products that provide secure openings for air intake. I am looking for this to replace a set of french doors with ... ”
“My experience with Airscape has been outstanding in everyway!!! I called tech support about an alternative mounting question, and he was very helpful in all aspects mounting and use of your product. Cudos for such a great company and product! Will buy again should the need arise. The fan was run about 12 hrs a day from late spring to early fall. We live in CA's central valley, temps sometimes to 115. Our highest PG&E bill was $83. Love your product! I have recommended it many times!!!”
“No suggestions...just keep doing what you are doing. Great high quality product. It was expensive, but that cost will be forgotten over the years as it quietly keeps us cool.”
“Purchased the AirScape after extensive internet searches and reviews to install in our laundry/utility room where we also have a 2nd refrig/freezer. Needed to remove heat build up in warm months and to help cool house. Just installed it today (Mar.11). VERY quiet at both low and high speeds. Remote works very well. ”
“Have enjoyed the product. Was easy to install and has worked as advertised. Installation video on you tube was very helpful (although I think you should have your own video on your site that is easily downloadable for people that purchase your product). I've pointed out the fan to almost everyone who comes to my house. Can't wait for Spring to get here, so I can fire it up again. Love sleeping with windows open and fresh cool air coming into the home.”
“I am very impressed with this fan. It cools our house effectively and was easy to install. It runs very quietly.”
“We love how quiet the fan is, the electric consumption rate, and how quickly it cools the house. I have recommended to everyone I know, and posted info / web on my facebook page at the time of install. ”
“All in all everypart of my experience with Air- Scape is wonderful price,installation,quality,the quiet operation even at night if I have run it when it was warm lately it has been very rainy and cold cannot wait till it gets warm again so I really try it longer the price I gave in the previous question was just a guess because I did not run it long before the cold rainy season came in but it was the best decision both my wife and I made on getting something that cools I can sit on the sofa in the living room and if it is hot turn it on with the remote and right away the air is circulated to b ... ”
“Although the house we bought the fan for is 2900sf and the fan is not rated for that many sf, I assumed that as I live in a temperate climate, it would be enough and it is.”
“We use the 1.0 to ventelate the garage, thereby reducing the attic temp. I am interested in what you are planning for capturing pollen. We live in a new subdivision and dust is a problem with outside air ventelation.”